DAO Global Hackathon 2023

2473 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
2473 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

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starts on:
Apr 10, 2023, 12:00 PM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
May 07, 2023, 10:00 PM UTC (UTC)


What is the DAO Global Hackathon?

The DAO Global Hackathon is an exciting 4-week virtual event where hackers will leverage existing tools and governance primitives to enable the next generation of DAOs. Running from April 10 to May 7, the Hackathon will bring together hackers, builders, and DAO operators to create solutions that DAOs will use in the real world.

For this year's hackathon, we will be leveraging the “legos thesis” that enabled DeFi and applying it to DAOs. Developers will find novel use cases for existing tools and create integrations that haven’t yet been explored.

In the first DAO Global Hackathon in 2021, 23 partners and over 1,000 hackers worked together to build exciting governance and coordination tools. We are excited to build on that success along an amazing line-up of hackathon partners.

How to participate

  • Start by clicking the Register button and filling out your hacker profile.
  • From April 5, you will be able to browse the available Bounties. All details around submission requirements, judging, and prizes will be provided there.
  • You can hack solo, but if you are looking for a team join the Hackathon Discord server to introduce yourself to the community and find or complete your team.
  • From April 5, you will also be able to find a calendar of hackathon events, webinars, team formation workshops and bounty-related presentations.


  • Prizes

    The DAO Global Hackathon is a bounty-based hackathons, enabling participants to pick their favorite build and submit projects.

    If you'd like to visualize the bounties easier, check out this site!

    If you have any questions for the partners, you can find their point of contact directly within the bounty itself. Alternatively, come join the DAO Global Hackathon server, where you can meet teammates to build with, join teams, or get support.

    Let's hackkkkkkk ⚡️

    Main Prizes
    [Aragon] Best decision-making plugin
    USD 4000

    As organizations mature, how they make decisions naturally changes. However, for DAOs on-chain, changing their governance mechanisms has traditionally not been easy - often requiring them to launch an entirely new DAO simply to evolve and grow.

    Aragon OSx introduces a new reality. Changing how teams make decisions is as simple as installing or uninstalling decision-making plugins, as needs arise. These governance plugins can each have their own membership criteria, proposal configurations, and set up. The entire ecosystem benefits from having more governance plugins to use within their DAOs to experiment with governance at the speed of software.

    Criteria: Build and publish an Aragon OSx plugin (in either testnet, Ethereum mainnet, or Polygon) enabling DAOs to make decisions. Judging will be based looking for plugins which help DAOs make the best decisions for the long-term, all while making governance fun and exciting.

    The prize of $4000 will be split between one or two projects based on submissions.

    Resources: Developer Portal, Plugin Examples , Plugin documentation

    Point of Contact: Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate (juliette@aragon.org) or Aragon's Discord

    [Aragon] Most creative use of Aragon OSx
    USD 5000

    DAOs are groups of addresses managing assets together. How these groups are formed, which assets they manage, and how they do it is entirely up to the organization. And we want to see experimentation come up into the types of organizations using this technology.

    DAOs embedded within games? DAOs as the foundations for social groups or board of directors? DAOs as coffee cooperatives? NGOs? Within academic settings? How can we bring the benefits of DAOs closer to the communities that need it most and experiment with this new form of organizing?

    Criteria: Build the most creative use of Aragon OSx, ideally unlocking a fun new use case on the way. Judging will be on the most out-of-the-box thinking and most compelling use case.

    Prize will be split either by one or two projects based on submissions.

    Resources: Developer Portal, Ideas

    Point of Contact: Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate (juliette@aragon.org) or Aragon's Discord

    [Aragon] Permission Management Dashboard
    USD 4000

    DAOs are, in essence, permission management systems - where certain addresses have x permissions to execute y actions.

    This means that in order to make the best decisions, DAOs should be able to quickly visualize and manage which addresses within their organization hold which permissions and what these permissions enable that address to do.

    Criteria: Build a Permission Management Dashboard for Aragon DAOs enabling DAO members to better assess which addresses hold which permissions, and what those permissions enable them to do. Judging will be done based on the project providing the better user experience and making this experience the easiest to understand for users. The tool should be built for Aragon DAOs.

    Resources: Developer Portal , Permission Manager contract for Aragon DAOs , Aragon SDK docs

    Point of Contact: Juliette Chevalier, Developer Advocate (juliette@aragon.org) or Aragon's Discord


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